About us

Cemkah is a one-woman shop created and run by Clarise Kah . During the early stages of the shop, Clarise aspired to sell handcrafted African jewelry and clothing to family and friends. However, the high demand for her products made Clarise to see the potential and need to sell her handcrafted African jewelry and clothing to women everywhere. 

Clarise named her fashion business after her grandmother Dorothy Kah, who is her inspiration. Cemkah’s fashion jewelry and clothes are designed with the goal of  empowering women, promoting confidence, beauty and celebrating individuality. Cemkah produces authentic African products, which are handcrafted with natural fibers, authentic leather and African cotton fabrics. Clarise sees the importance of keeping the manufacturing of her products in her African homeland, so as to ensure authenticity, while maintaining the high quality of each product.

Cemkah truly believes that success is achieved through consumer satisfaction, and that a successful business should give back to those in need. A percentage of all sales is invested in the educational development of orphaned children in Batibo, a small village in Cameroon. We hope that you find a fashion accessory that melts your heart, adds color and style to your life all the while knowing that your purchase will help make a difference in the life of young child. Thank you for your business and support.

Ma Joe